About Us

Who’s on the scene? What spot is hot? What spot is not? Who is wearing what? Do they look good? All these questions have become the blueprints to the foundation of this online city, with only one goal in mind, to offer to our users the clothes and shoes that they can appreciate.


Let’s be real, here fashion and photos go hand to hand. They perfectly balance each other out as if it were yin and yang. So you wanted your photos you got your photos. There are tons of photos on this site so do what you want with them, share them, compare them or just keep them to yourself. Not sure if what you plan on wearing is accepted in the city you’re going out to? Use the photos as a guide to help you choose your outfit. The ever evolving fashion industry can turn over night. Stashcity will be there that night having fun and documenting that change through photos.


Stashcity was started off a simple motto “Provide the service to sell the product”. Two creative individuals who could chat about business for hours and wanted to create something that applied to their personal hobbies put their heads together. One was a fashion enthusiast and freelance everything, while the other was an advance software engineer and computer whiz. Together they created Stashcity.